Windshield Repair

Windshield Repair

Elk Grove Glass offers mobile windshield repair. If you have a crack that is smaller then a dollar bill then we can most likely repair the crack. We will come to you and attempt to preserve the windshield. Not every crack turns out perfect after all it is damaged glass and we are trying to repair it to prolong the life of your windshield. Saving you the cost of the full replacement. Most cracks come out very nice however there is always a chance a crack can run or spread. We use a Delta repair kit and warranty all of our work. Please call us for a quote! Most Insurance carriers are accepted and we provide same day service.

Here is a list of the most common windshield crack types:

Bull’s Eye – Damage to glass is caused by a rock, road debris (or other object) that is circular, typically with a cone in the outer layer of the glass. It is is similar to a chip, it will look like a chunk of glass has been removed by the impact, but it is slightly larger

Chip – The Damage to glass caused by a rock/stone (or another object) that causes a tiny piece of glass to chip away from the windshield.

Combination Break – When there is more then a single break in a windshield, such as a chip with cracks coming off of it.

Crack Chip – A single crack that can be covered with a quarter, nickel, penny or dime with an impact point.

Ding – A common term used by general public to describe a chip

Edge Crack – A single crack that starts within 2″ of the edge of the windshield, or reaches the edge of the windshield. It normally forms right away, and starts at 10-12″ long.

Floater Crack – A crack that starts closely to the middle of the windshield (pretty much anywhere that is not within 2″ of the edge of the windshield).

Half Moon – Damage to glass caused by a rock (or another object) that is similar to a bull’s eye crack, but just not completely circular.

Long Crack – A crack that is over 6″ (15cm) long or a dollar bill, which many windshield repair methods are unable to fix

Partial Bulls-Eye – The Same as Half Moon.

Pit – An area where a small piece of glass is completely missing.

Star Break – A series of short radial cracks coming off of a single impact point, almost resembling a star.

Stone Break – A small chip that occurs when a stone (or some other hard item like a rock) hits the windshield. It can then become a large crack over time.

Stress Crack – A crack that occurs without anything hitting the windshield, usually occurs when a large variation in the temperature occurs. One given situation that might cause stress cracks is when a car becomes overheated from sitting in direct sunlight, and then someone turns the air conditioner on or when the car is washed with very cold water after sitting in the sun. The opposite could be a very cold car suddenly being exposed to heat. In the winter we recommend that ice should be scraped or melted off the windshield with cold water, instead of with warm or hot water. We have noticed it typically starts at the edge of the windshield. Stress cracks will usually be a straight (or could even be slightly bending) line, and will not display any sign of impact. A “Pen test” could often be used to determine if there is a stress crack — a ballpoint pen is run along the crack, and if it dips in anywhere, then it is likely not a stress crack. That reason is because with a stress crack, no glass will actually come off the windshield.